What do we do?

InHedit is a new company in the E-COMM GROUP that offers individuals and organisations assistance in the design and implementation of integrated environment projects and other elements capable of generating emotions. In this manner we are able to provide definition for exclusive experiences and other elements that are unique to this field and, furthermore, we can collaborate in the implementation of your project.


InHedit is the first company to focus on the “promotion of emotional experiences”. Under the guidelines of People Oriented Design, Universal Design, and Emotional Engineering, we provide elements and experiences that are uniquely adapted to the new business models and to the way we live today.

InHedit is a product of the synergy of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with more than 20 years combined experience in the fields of engineering, architecture and project design and management in conjunction with a business group with 15 years of leadership experience in online marketing, technological connectivity platforms and ICT projects in both Europe and South America.

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