How do we do it?

Emotional Engineering applied to the generation of experiences 


Inhedit has developed its own methodology to address the design of emotional experiences. Its effectiveness has been verified in the projects already completed, and it offers an innovative and differentiated treatment when it is harnessed to generate value for our customers. The HES© method stems from a combination of emotional engineering know-how (People-Oriented Design + Product Semantics+ Kansei Engineering) and a knowledge of business-model generation.

HES - Human Emotions Shuttle

Key aspects in developing our methodology are the skills we have acquired in getting to where we are today, and the involvement of our unlikely network of contacts.

What sets us apart

Networking-Co – The diversity of the projects on which we have worked affords us the chance to make contact with specialists from a wide range of backgrounds. This heterogeneity means that the problems we tackle are solved in a different way.

Smartizer Technologies – We develop hardware + software applications that, when incorporated into conventional spaces or objects, imbue them with the ability to interact or undertake complex tasks. It’s what comes from an unusual combination of material engineering + biomechanics + IT + industrial design.

Emottools – Devices to generate stimuli that provoke emotional sensations. The concrete outcomes of smartizer technology, we use them as tools to implement our complex projects.

Project management – One of the core strengths underpinning Inhedit is our skill and experience in managing complex innovation projects.

Materials & Surface Knowledge – Validated in-house knowledge (publications, conferences – on materials, surfaces and their applications), the way we incorporate this into projects is something that sets us apart.

Ecomm Group – We can count on the support of a robust group of internationally-established and diversified companies, which strengthens our ability to handle complex projects, while offering a cross-fertilization of services.

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