CO-laborative innovation / No likely solutions

The ability to innovate without modifying your business structure.


Whatever the level of knowledge and talent in your business, it is always possible to find a little more outside the limits of your company. For this very reason, in their search for that particular quality that sets them apart from the rest, and in their desire to escape internal conditioning, successful businesses today systematically seek external collaboration. The InHedit team has a wealth of experience of this type of situation and we know the best way to optimise the collaboration process.

We can provide you with the ability to innovate without modifying your structure.

We can accompany you during the lifespan of your project … and afterwards, if you wish. The decision is yours.

Business Units….Our proposal:

Designing experiences – 360º projects, complete or in part, and from the moment they are conceived (design and/or execution and/or development/maintenance). HES methodology. We identify unique moments and the elements that produce them, including the development of a communication strategy for the innovation.

Smartizer – Technology for creating objects that are intelligent connected, efficient and capable of arousing excitement. Hardware/software and awareness of “usability” to develop objects and systems.

Emottools – Devices to generate stimuli that provoke emotional sensations. The concrete outcomes of smartizer technology, we use them as tools to implement our complex projects.

Environmentally intelligent systems – Built-in automated devices and environmental controls to improve comfort, security and energy saving.

Business models – The design of processes and the implementation of new ways of generating value. Unexpected applications and new features (“out of the box”).

Joint exploitation of results – Participating in the business, sharing in the fruits of success and cross-selling.

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