Some InHedit landmarks of the past 15 years.


PORTFOLIO-SMART-aspiradora+80.000 hours of cumulative experience.
+18 M€ administered through innovative projects.
+100 presentations in conferences and universities.
+20 published scientific articles and books.
+15 registered patents and utility models.
+5 new product categories created.

We love turning ideas into results!

In 1999 we revolutionised the field of ceramic coatings, extending their use to previously undiscovered areas and creating new product categories through the combination of new technologies. The results of our efforts led to the registration of over 15 patents and a variety of publications.

Our proposals are capable of influencing the emotional perception experienced by the user and generating positive states of mind. We achieve this by acting directly on the elements that comprise the user experience and the user environment and by focusing on aspects such as people oriented design, universal design, emotional engineering, trend analysis, ergonomics, accessibility, security, comfort and integral sustainability. Our methodology is based on knowledge gained through collaboration with renowned technology centres and the implementation of practical experience in innovative project management.

We look for shortcuts and we distance ourselves from the traditional consultancy works in relation to flexibility and focus. Our team works alongside a complex collaborators ecosystem. All of them are specialists in their field, and together we develop collaborative strategies that are tailored to each project.

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