Personalized designer ceramics in a guaranteed limited edition*.

Collections of exclusive and personalized ceramic claddings in limited editions, with the underlying aims of securing the maximum value for the customer in terms of emotional attributes, and securing the lowest cost possible in the materials and technology of the product.

The finest example of this product line was the mural on the façade of the School of Art in Tiumen (Siberia), which presented the additional challenge of needing to withstand the extreme meteorological conditions of the climate. It reproduces the work of a renowned local artist and comprises over 1,000 unique and numbered pieces, manufactured with production line technology in editions of only one copy per design. Another notable aspect was the logistical complexity of identifying, transporting and installing the mural from its place of manufacture to its final destination.

*This project was undertaken by the current inHedit team for TAULELL S.A.



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