Mediterranean urban terraces for smokers*.

The change in regulations governing smokers posed the challenge of bringing restaurant spaces into use that were difficult to exploit due to accessibility issues (uneven or irregular surfaces), converting them into warm and comfortable terraces and covered areas for the use and enjoyment of customers at any season of the year.

Based on the technology already available for interior paving, heated flooring and furniture (tables and benches) were created, with devices that detect human presence, activating the environmental control and sending alerts to the service staff. All this is designed for outdoor use.

The team used the Design for All criteria, paying special attention to safety, comfort and sustainability.

Examples of this initiative can be found at the Vertical Restaurant’s Skybar in Valencia and at Terraza Mediterranea’s Proyecto Ones.

*This project was undertaken by the current inHedit team for TAULELL S.A., in collaboration with the Carmen Baselga Studio.



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