A pedestrian crossing that detects human presence and activates traffic lights*.

Vandalism perpetrated on street furniture gives rise to considerable maintenance costs. The buttons that operate traffic lights are subjected to aggressive treatment that renders them inoperative and requires repair. They also need to be located by pedestrians, who are obliged to go out of their way to operate them.

A pedestrian crossing system was designed with the ability to detect the presence of pedestrians and activate the traffic lights with non-invasive technology. The system of sensors was built into the pavement in such a way that there are no visible external elements that can be manhandled or damaged. This system boosts the autonomy of people with limited mobility and the elderly because they simply need to wait for the traffic lights to change. More than ten pedestrian crossings with these characteristics have been installed in the city of Castellón alone.

*This project was undertaken by the current inHedit team for TAULELL S.


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