Developing new concepts from existing ones.

From Paco Roncero’s Workshop, to Dreamlab, to Sublimotion.

Dreamlab is a response to the appearance of new challenges, to Paco Roncero’s desire to extend his horizons, and to the need to expand the scope of his Workshop outside the limits of a space as privileged as the Casino de Madrid.

The initial idea was as complex as it was simple – to transport the emotional experience of Paco Roncero’s Workshop to summertime on the island of Ibiza, a pop-up meta-event that nobody could possibly ignore, and to take advantage of the glamour and concentration of VIP clients on the island to favour the propagation of new trends in gastronomy. The concept was to take place in a unique setting, easily reachable but isolated, with spectacular views, on a cliff-side, surrounded by woodland, and with a west-facing horizon dominated by the azure of the ocean.

The concept included an iconographic centre stage integrated into the surroundings and with all the technology required to create the sublime culinary experience. The setting includes a reception area where premium cocktails are served and where the guests can meet in an informal atmosphere, a DJ and Stage Master area, an amenities area, and the famous Hisia table, around which haute cuisine is consecrated in a spectacular, multi-sensorial experience.

In its preliminary phase, Dreamlab-Ibiza was presented by Paco Roncero, accompanied by this video, at the 2013 edition of Film&Cook, which took place in Madrid on the 9th of November, 2013. Once Dreamlab-Ibiza graduated to the project phase, and after it had been subjected to the determining factors and special demands of the promoters, it became Sublimotion, the best restaurant in the Hard Rock Hotel chain anywhere in the world, not just Ibiza.


The results obtained are a clear endorsement of the emotional experience design methodology created by inHedit, Human Emotion Shuffle. HES uses the principles of People Oriented Design and Emotional Engineering, where development depends on improving the interaction between people and their surroundings. In order to achieve its aim, the methodology applies research and analysis to determine the anxieties, requirements and aspirations of the people-customers and to keep abreast of the latest social and technological trends and the development level and specifications of objects, materials and technologies. All this information, combined with a knowledge of engineering, architecture and design and the latest advances in neuromarketing and biomechanics, is what makes it possible to obtain innovative, “out of the box” results – InHedit’s speciality.

This article by Alejandra Feldman concerns the presentation of Sublimotion in Madrid:

This project has been carried out with the collaboration of the staff of VegaFactory and Paco Roncero’s Workshop.

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