The smart flooring that helps you control your weight*.

The reinterpretation of existing technology, put to work outside its original domain, generates new uses and unprecedented applications. In this instance a floor was conceived that would be capable of detecting the number of times a fridge is used, which then alerts us when we visit it too often in breach of our diet.
The product had the dual purpose of raising awareness via a highly unusual device but also, as an exercise in marketing, of showing in a playful way the possibilities of new technologies in flooring. Underlying all this was the desire to draw attention to the research potential that exists around the area of old people falling in the home, presence detection, wireless communication with the user and safe access to housing and other spaces. (The impact of this project on the media and the recognition it generated constituted a milestone in the flooring design world and opened up the development of other types of smart floors.)


*The project arose from collaboration between the current inHedit team for TAULELL S.A. and the inventor Pep Torres.


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